DeepPower CEO Andrew Van Noy Discusses Clean Energy and Non-Partisan Politics with Nebraska State Senator

Senator Carol Blood discusses how data driven decision making can cut through party politics and create positive energy solutions for Nebraska citizens

LEHI, Utah, November 16, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — DeepPower, Inc., the developer of a breakthrough geothermal drilling technology to access the Earth’s unlimited source of clean energy, today announced that in a recent Company podcast CEO Andrew Van Noy spoke with Carol Blood, twice-elected Nebraska State Senator.

Senator Blood grew up as a farm girl in Nebraska and takes a small-town approach to making her constituent’s lives better. In the podcast, she discussed how at the local coffee shop, farmers talking with their friends don’t say “how will the republicans or democrats make our lives better”, but rather, “how will Jim H. reduce the cost of our fuel for our tractors?.” In Senator Blood’s words, “It isn’t the Republican way, it isn’t the Democrat way, it is the Nebraska way.”

The podcast discussion highlights how agriculture drives the economy in Nebraska, and drives the state economy. Nebraska farmers are the first and best environmentalists in Nebraska and don’t like being told what to do.

Senator Blood commented “Our job as politicians is to educate, make funding available, and help make sure we accelerate responsible climate action. As opposed to making emotionally charged decisions about key issues, I make it a priority to provide data-driven results.”

The discussion continued to highlight how when incentivized, farmers are willing to try new technologies to reduce fuel costs such as crop waste biofuel production. In addition, Senator Blood mentioned how Nebraska was a leader in the conversion of corn into ethanol.

Senator Blood continued, “Farmers and lawmakers are constantly looking to improve soil health. We have a nitrate problem in Nebraska, in both the soil and the water. We have a high rate of childhood cancer because of these nitrates.” Finding sustainable solutions to these problems is imperative to local citizens.

Senator Blood mentioned how Nebraska is unique among U.S. states in that it is the only state with an entirely publicly owned utility system. The state's publicly owned utility, the Omaha Public Power District, provides electricity to many communities in Nebraska. These PPDs are operated by local governments or publicly elected boards, and their primary focus is to provide reliable and affordable electricity to their customers.

The Omaha Public Power District has a goal to be net zero with their carbon use by 2050. This opens opportunities for alternative energy sources such as geothermal to be used in the efforts to reach those goals.

“It was a pleasure speaking with Senator Blood in this Podcast,” commented Andrew Van Noy, CEO of DeepPower. “I appreciated how she focuses more on her constituents than party platform, and how she uses a data-driven decision approach to help her in the type of legislation she supports. It is clear that she is forward-thinking and wants to help local Nebraskans find the cleanest and most affordable source of energy to help them in their daily lives. I look forward to staying in touch with her and following her legislation.”

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Deep Power is developing a breakthrough drilling technology to access Earth’s unlimited source of green geothermal energy. The Earth’s molten core is as hot as the Sun and harnessing just 0.1% of that heat energy can power humanity for 2 million years. Previous generations of drilling technology cannot go deep enough to make geothermal cost effective. We are developing a suite of advanced low-cost, high-temperature and high-pressure drilling systems to boldly go where no humans have gone before. The deeper we go the more energy we can unleash. Unlike large area solar and wind farms, a 9-inch hole by 5 miles deep can produce the same amount of power as 320 acres of solar panels. Like a power plug into the Earth, we aim to provide every city, state, and country direct and independent access to this “holy grail” source of eternal green energy.

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